Studio_20150603_170525Bruce has been engraving glass for 45 years and has pieces in private collections across Great Britain as well as many countries around the world.
He specialises in wild life and buildings, but can engrave anything to order.All glass is hand engraved by Bruce in our premises in Kirriemuir.
We carry a vast range of glassware in the shop, offering our customers a large choice of glass, designs and price. We also sell coloured glassware and paperweights.

We have an excellent relationship with large and small glass companies enabling us to acquire a good range of top quality crystal. Langham Glass in Norfolk will make special pieces to our specifications, giving our clients access to unique bespoke glassware.

Architectural glass (large door and windows etc) can be hand engraved in our larger stone carving workshop, where we have the ability to handle large pieces of glass.

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cosmos11 003Bruce has been carving stone for over 50 years. Training as a sculptor of granite in Aberdeen has enabled him to carve any type of stone. He works not only in granite but also sandstone, marble, limestone and soapstone. During his apprenticeship in Aberdeen he attended Grays School of Art, where he studied life drawing and lettering.

Bruce can source stone from various quarries in Scotland and England. This gives our clients a wide range of stone of various colour and texture.
Bruce can produce designs for sculptures, working alongside the client. The client is also very welcome at the workshop to see the work on the sculpture and discuss any changes or additions as the work progresses.

Our large workshop is fully equipped and has excellent access, allowing large sculptures to be produced. We have worked on a 30 ton piece of granite and could even handle larger pieces.

David Sinclair, a champion dry stone dyker and lime mortar expert has had some training with Bruce in carving. They often work together and the combination of the two skills is quite unique.

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